studio saòr is and independent creative studio based in Venice, Italy.

About us

We’ve always been passionate observers and we love spending hours on end walking around the city searching for new urban shapes and details. We started our explorations in 2014, after our studies in architecture and urban planning, when we decided to create our own ‘Isolario’, a set of maps of the less known islands of the Venetian lagoon.

Architettura Illustrata

These are the two words that can better describe our approach, our will to display in a clear and simple way the architectural objects that surround us and populate our cities; we look at spaces and places through a magnifying glass and experiment with representation.
Our work is a narration of urban space, a collection of elements that isolated and listed can help to describe its complexity. This contemporary cataloging of a place’s characters is aimed at archiving a fixed point in time, one that can stimulate new explorations or become a resource for future research.

Why saòr?

Saor is a word from Venetian cuisine, a recipe used for seasoning fish and vegetables: left to soak for a long time under layers of caramelized onion, the foods thus acquire a special bittersweet flavor.
In a city submerged by tourism, our aim is to give a new taste to the experience of the contemporary traveler, to stimulate in-depth study by offering unusual and innovative contents. Our products are contemporary souvenirs, objects that can stimulate a memory and at the same time encourage those who visit Venice to observe the city with new eyes.

What we do

Bespoke illustrations in the field of architecture and cartography for artworks, editorial products, exhibition and set-up, visual identity design, educational projects and workshops.

Our clients

Our past clients has been cultural institutions, professional firms, contemporary start-ups in architecture, art and culture, businesses linked to a strong Venetian heritage.

We are always happy to discuss a new project!

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